UI for IBM Bluemix Objectstore - object-storage

We are unable to connect any UI tool to IBM Bluemix Swift Object Storage. We have tried Swift Explorer (http://www.619.io/swift-explorer/), but it could not connect.
Did anyone manage to get a UI tool working with IBM Bluemix Swift Object Storage?


Migrate existing android app on IBM MobileFirst to IBM Bluemix

I have a locally created android app on IBM MobileFirst (in Eclipse). Is it possible to either push this existing app+mobilefirst environment to IBM Bluemix OR at least the existing android app to Mobilefirst container/environment in Bluemix?
I don't see the difference between the two questions in your question... anyway, you can indeed set-up an IBM container running MobileFirst Server by following this tutorial: https://mobilefirstplatform.ibmcloud.com/tutorials/en/foundation/7.1/ibm-containers/run/
You can then upload the .wlapp file to the server running in the container, and latestly - configure the Android app to connect to it.

How can we Migrate IBM Lab servers from my local VM's to IBM bluemix

Currently I have some IBM LAB servers which are deployed on local virtual machines. I want to migrate them to IBM Bluemix. Is it possible to take an image of them and upload it to IBM Bluemix or create a new server on IBM Bluemix with those images?
Thank you
Ashok: You can use the Openstack CLI http://docs.openstack.org/cli-reference/openstack.html and upload the image to Bluemix. Check openstack image create option from the list.

Java web app deployed in bluemix

i deployed a java web app in bluemix which is using db2 jdbc, i am getting sqlnontransient exception stating that my host is unknown ,which is ibm internal ,but it is working fine in my local enviornment
com.ibm.db2.jcc.am.SqlNonTransientConnectionException: [jcc][t4][10380][11951][4.13.127] Required property "" is unknown host. ERRORCODE=-4222, SQLSTATE=08001
IBM Bluemix is on the public internet. If your database is on the IBM Internal Network you will not be able to reach it due to firewall restrictions. If your local environment is also in the internal IBM network this is why it works there but not in Bluemix. You will need to use the API Gateway to reach your data which will require you to write a REST API in front of your datasource and register it with the gateway.
If the data is not confidential, a better approach might be to request a DB2 Cloud instance in Bluemix and place your data there. If your data cannot be placed in the public Bluemix, IBM has a Bluemix Dedicated instance that is on the internal network. You should probably deploy your application there instead.

Why does IBM API Connect run differently in Bluemix than locally?

I just set up my local environment to use IBM API Connect and it gives me "extra options" to make the database. Now i'm using IBM API Connect inside IBM Bluemix and it doesn't have those "extra options" :/ I'd like to use it from IBM Bluemix to start migrating to the cloud, thanks in advance.
(I said this in a comment, but it should be an answer...)
The APIC Designer, which you run locally, helps define your models and connections, you then deploy that to Bluemix. You don't edit it on Bluemix itself.
The Local Developer toolkit gets installed on your computer for modeling and creating the api's through Strongloop or Kitura. After you have created your api's to run and publish them, bluemix publix cloud is used where you get a free developer portal and Node.js runtime environment for running your applications/micro-services.

Does IBM have a cloud hosting service that can be used to host worklight server/applications?

In IBM developer works blog, I have read a post on using IBM PureApplication system to deploy Worklight server and applications to cloud.
Does IBM have a cloud hosting service as well?
Start by looking at: http://www.ibm.com/cloud-computing/us/en/
IBM provides various ways to run the IBM MobileFirst Platform (formerly Worklight) as a hosted service.
Some of them are unmanaged (you have to do your own IT). Some are managed.
The basic option is to go to Softlayer and create an unmanaged Worklight instance.
Look at http://www.ibm.com/marketplace/cloud/mobile-application-platform-pattern/us/en-us which is how IBM provides Worklight as a service, hosted on Softlayer, installed via PureApplications managed below and services by IBM Global technology unit.
Finally, IBM is in the process of providing the Worklight as a fully managed, cloud service via the IBM cloud called "Bluemix" https://console.ng.bluemix.net/ . A beta of a mobile data service, push service, mobile analytics and mobile security will appear in Bluemix by the end of this week. Note that the latest option is currently for iOS apps only